Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Trip to Mesa Falls:)♥

Me and Kenna at the Upper falls:)
Me and Candace at the upper falls:)

Me candace and nick in the car freezing to death!!

Okayy soo...i tend to be cold and the coldness starts in my hands so i decided to put all theses clothes on:) Gangster muchh??? My mom told me i looked like a boyy!! But what ever too keep me warm rite thats how it works????:))

Family Picture!!!:) LOVE IT!!

Me and my grandma!!! Man i miss going to her house EVERYDAYY and just seeing her smiling face!! I hope she knows i love herr soo muchh!! And i loved having her here!!!

The three girlls!! Candace looks like a bandit!!! hahhahaa:) LOVE you guyss

Haha me and Kenna had to make like cheesy faces cuz i couldnt really smile my face was soooo cold!!:)))

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  1. RYLEE! heyy its breck :) i miss you! lol okay so my old phone broke & it just barely started working so i just got your text that you sent a couple months ago that had your new # on it. lol so ill text you soon! <3 ya! Breck ;)