Friday, March 5, 2010

Memories That Never Get Old

Me and Bridgette(: i love her to death.(:
Me and Bridgette again(:Us gettin ready for the Dance Party(:

Well this is jordan(: mann(: Im so glad we met. We ahve so much fun when we are together(:♥ We are actually gettin ready fpr the dance too(:

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Me and Bridgette((:♥

Doooodee((: shes my best friend!! i love this chick soo muchh!!((:

Bridgette((: ILoveYouuu(: we have some crazy time! hahah like the skunk fumes! wowo! i swear we were all jacked up on flippin skun fumes!! hahaha((: ohh and the dayy we stuffed ourselves soo bad we both were gunn throuw up!! wow i cant wait to wat else we do!!((:

So we were in phot class and we were suppose to be taking pictures of some objects that my teacher gave me! BUT NOOO!! Bridgette had thie BRIGHT idea that she needs to make a leaf angel!!((: it was funn she had leafs every where! down her pants and her shirt on her but in her hair! it was great!

There she is layin in the leafs enjoying the so called "warm dayy" wen it was freakin freezing

Just me&my new outfit((:♥

Candy cane Of LOVEE((:♥ (coles idea!)


OKay soo people here are like BIG on the scarf and cute pants so i went and got one and im like in LOVE with this outfitte((:

Monday, November 9, 2009


Okayy i wass a COWGURLL for halloween(:
My brotherss didnt want there pic taken
But they were cutee lil baseball playerrss(:

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Me and Cole(:

Funny Face??
Ninja Powers(:




Awhh i love my colie(:♥

Kisses for the colie(:




Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Trip to Mesa Falls:)♥

Me and Kenna at the Upper falls:)
Me and Candace at the upper falls:)

Me candace and nick in the car freezing to death!!

Okayy soo...i tend to be cold and the coldness starts in my hands so i decided to put all theses clothes on:) Gangster muchh??? My mom told me i looked like a boyy!! But what ever too keep me warm rite thats how it works????:))

Family Picture!!!:) LOVE IT!!

Me and my grandma!!! Man i miss going to her house EVERYDAYY and just seeing her smiling face!! I hope she knows i love herr soo muchh!! And i loved having her here!!!

The three girlls!! Candace looks like a bandit!!! hahhahaa:) LOVE you guyss

Haha me and Kenna had to make like cheesy faces cuz i couldnt really smile my face was soooo cold!!:)))

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Me Payton and Toni:)♥

Toni right Me middle and Payton left:)
Payton right Me middle and Toni left. So much for class that day:) ha

We got bored so we decided to go outside and take pictures haha:)
(Me Toni& Payton(:)

Awh i love these girlss soo muchh:)♥

Me and Toni:) My favorit picture of uss:)

In the lunch room:) haha we were suppose to take pictures for photography but do we ever?.........NOPE DONT COUNT ON IT! haha:)