Sunday, November 22, 2009

Me and Bridgette((:♥

Doooodee((: shes my best friend!! i love this chick soo muchh!!((:

Bridgette((: ILoveYouuu(: we have some crazy time! hahah like the skunk fumes! wowo! i swear we were all jacked up on flippin skun fumes!! hahaha((: ohh and the dayy we stuffed ourselves soo bad we both were gunn throuw up!! wow i cant wait to wat else we do!!((:

So we were in phot class and we were suppose to be taking pictures of some objects that my teacher gave me! BUT NOOO!! Bridgette had thie BRIGHT idea that she needs to make a leaf angel!!((: it was funn she had leafs every where! down her pants and her shirt on her but in her hair! it was great!

There she is layin in the leafs enjoying the so called "warm dayy" wen it was freakin freezing

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