Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Me and Kenzerss! :))


Hahaha My scary face! I HATE this picture!

Look at are toes:))



Wow this chick is pretty sweet i love her soo much1 She was the first girl that i met here in Idaho! and im glad i met her cause we are already BFFS!:)ha. LOVE YOU KENZERSS♥

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Here From Idaho!:)

Hankie says hi:)
Its sad! I had to brib dean with video games in order for him to take a picture with me!

Me and cole decided we wanted to take pictures:)

Cole said he looked like Squidward off of spongebob squarepants:) haha

I thought that was a cutee one:)

I just love how i tell him to smile and he dose that! hahha! Well thats cole for you:)

Okay so i was sittin at our kitchen table and he came up to me a pushed his nose agents mine i thought it was the cutest thing ever!

This is the only picture i could get outta dean!

These were the first girls i met when i went to young womans for the first time! (Sasha in the middle and Kenzie at the end)

Well for young womans we went to the snake river to take pictures! and this flower caught my eye! And i had to take a picture of it!:)

Me and my little gang:))

Just the girls! (Haylee on right me in the middle, Harlee in the middle with me! And Madison on left!

Me and madison!:) we were at this park for mentaly challenged kids! And they have everything covered in like mushy foam stuff so when the kids fall it wont hurt them! And i think that its amazing how people from our town would donate time and money to help these kids have a normal life! and let them play like they are normal kids!

Saturday, August 8, 2009


This was only my second tournament with my new team!
It was soo dang HOT underneath the catcher gear!

Nice catch!:)

Family Picture 2009

This is the first family picture we have taken since my lil colie wolie was born! Now my colie wolie is 7 years old!
Well this is the best one we could get of us kids! Dean would either be making a funny face or not smiling and cole would be not smiling or laughing so hard you cant see his eyes!

Okayy mom did not want a picture of her on here but i said TOO BAD FOR YOUU! But what can i say about my mom! WOW shes the greatst ever! She means soo muchh too me! She also dose alot for me too and i love her with all my heart!:) If it wasnt for her guidence,advise and support i dont know where i would be in this crazy world! I LOVE YOU MOM!!:)

My Aunts and Uncles with their kiddos:)

Cari,Chase,Ryann,Bentlee & Briggs Rooney
Kirk,Carlee,Gracey,Diesel & Willow Todd

Cj,Tristine,Noah & Conner Bogle
Im going to miss you LOTS! And i love you guyss:)